10,000 BC

Has anybody seen the trailer(s) for this new Roland Emmerich movie? It seems to have everything – Pleistocene mammals just minutes from extinction (c0nsidering the setting of the movie in an apparently warm and fairly arid place, by 10,000 BC mammoths and sabre-tooth tigers should probably be already gone), heroic men in love, women with plucked eye-brows, sailing boats, pyramids and metal weaponry. The only thing that’s missing, at least from the previews, is any archaeological foundation of any of this.

Of course, a film by the same guy who did The Day After Tomorrow (which I just watched last night) will hardly proclaim to be “accurate,” in as much as such a term can be used for a story like this. Yet I still have a hard time putting it into the Fantasy category.  I can see myself watching it with a notebook on my lap writing down every single thing that I know is wrong – pyramids? metallurgy? sails? – and be utterly disappointed. Not to say I won’t be entertained. But there is one of the few movies that tackle a time in human prehistory that can tell a great story based on a good body of evidence, and it’s going to turn into another One Million Years BC.  And that upsets me, because it’s unnecessary.


~ by theraaa on December 25, 2007.

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